Friday, 14 December 2012

Utterly bitterly

Puddle by M.C. Escher
 A fresh (aka effin cold) Friday afternoon and I have just finished a morning shift. Clear blue skies lure Billy and I out for a run.
The low winter sun and crisp air, clear work from my head and give my tired legs a boost.

 Lots of Escher like muddy puddles, many of them frozen. Yes its cold. Thankfully there is hardly any breeze. Even so no hanging about today, being a plodder I can only just run fast enough to keep warm.

Most non outdoorsy folk don't get it; School kids forced to do cross country, shiver or skive.  Drinkers sat around the fire in a cosy pub, mock and central heated Coronation Street viewers , ask why!.... but Billy and I love it.

To put this into perspective, the same night Iain Ridgway was starting his self supported, Winter paddy Buckley round.

Respect! well done Iain

Sunset over Kedleston