Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Not sure which would have been tastier. The pot noodle or one of Rays Walshes.
The Rab MM 2012

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There has not not been much racing for me this Summer. In fact none at all. A Martial Arts grading took priority over racing and I am just getting back into a proper running routine. Hopefully, ready for the Rab Mountain Marathon in September.

So! Here is what everyone else has been doing

  •   Looks like Dawn Sometimes An Ultra Runner will miss the Rab MM this year. Dawn and I have taken part in and blogged about the same events but we have never actually met.
  • Terrybnd  Has nearly finished his 'Life of a mountain: Scafell Pike movie'. featuring the ledgendary Joss Naylor. follow the link for a preview.
  • Happy 1/2 centuary to Nick .The old goat is still knocking out PBs in spite of his age.
  • Congratulations to'The lady with the pink balloon' aka Off Course Phalarope on her Bob Graham Round.
  • Whoop Whoop! Noel joins the elite, by winning a fell race
  • More BGR stuff. Harry enjoying the summer weather. Keep scrolling down Stolly's blog, for some top fell fotos.
  • Well jel, of Lynne and her Alpine adventure.
  • Num-Num. 'Never again' says Johann
  • Back to the UK yet again I forgot to enter the Dovedale Dipper here is Karens report.
  • And Millsy's Epic Lakeland 100 write up.


  1. Thanks Steve, I highly recommend the Swiss alps :)

    1. Hi Lynne
      Thanks for sharing the Photos. Hopefully catch up in the Derbyshire Alps.

  2. Hello Steve, Thank you very much. If you decide to come to the Pyrenees you can count on us as guides! :)

    1. Hey up Sandra and Miguel
      You are welcome.
      Thanks for the kind offer. I would love to someday. Especially with you as guides. If I could keep up;)

      Likewise if you fancy getting cold and wet in the UK hills, Please let me know.

  3. Oooh good work! Will check these are all in my blog list!

    1. Thanks OneHill, Glad you liked it.
      I look forward to hearing the patter of tiny Walshes.

  4. I was just dragging my blog kicking and screaming closer to the present in readiness for the Lakeland 100 report and I happened upon this rather splendid post (especially since I get an honorary mention). Old Goat indeed. Quite right young whippersnapper. ;-)

    Well done with your grading success. Now that's out of the way you'll be burning me off on the hills again, won't you? Where's your respect young man? ;-) ;-)


    1. Thanks Nick
      Goat is also an anagram for; Greatest. Of. All. Time. ;)

  5. Thanks Steve!!
    I like this saw to run with Billy!


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