Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New shoooos x3 (Rab MM D.N.S.)

new shoes #1
The weekend started well, with a training run in the Dovedale area. I had a lovely few hours pottering about, brushing up my nav skills and generally enjoying being out and about.

It was second time out, in a pair of shiny new Inov8 Mudclaw 300s. The Mudclaws turned out to be excellent new kicks. Different but not better than the Walsh PBs that I have been using lately.  I will do a proper Mudclaw vs Walsh PBs write up.......   One day.

Saturday evening was spent in the company of good friends, enjoying good beer and watching Derby punk legends anti-pasti, playing their home-town for the first time in 15 years. 
What happened next was a series of schoolboy errors.

First, while dancing/jumping up and down. someone else landed on my foot. Ouch! Not wanting to appear mardy, I carried on jumping up and down. Yes it hurt but I am supposed to be a roughie toughie fell runner and martial artist. Eedjit! Then hobbled back to the best pub in Derby, the Exeter Arms for more beer and to congratulate the band on a top gig. Schoolboy error #1.

New shoes #2
Sunday morning. My foot is swollen and bruised. Time to check out Derby's new A&E department.
F#ck, f#ck, f#cketty, f#ck! I now have a spiral fracture of my 5th metatarsal.

More schoolboy errors follow. I drove myself to A&E and end up wearing a non weight bearing cast. Non bearing means, I can't drive myself home. Lovely sister in law and family, have to bring Mrs sbrt over, to pick me up. I also went down to A&E with jeans on. The leg of my jeans is narrower than the pot. Meaning that I can't take them off.  Doh!......  Doh!
Luckily it was only a temporary cast and I had a sexy, lightweight one  fitted on the Monday.

New shoes #3
Sexy lightweight fibreglass cast and not so cool 'special' shoe
Ho hum! At least the new cast is weight bearing and I can walk on it. I was very impressed at being given a choice of colours. KTM orange being the obvious choice, also the colour of a mountain marathon, control kite.

Ray M on the rickety bridge. Highlander 2013.