Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Yin and Yang of Christmas

If you have a very good imagination and squint a bit, it could possibly look a bit like, the Daoist  symbol of complimentary opposites which sums up the first few of days of my Xmas break.

Xmas eve. A lovely evening with friends family and neighbours.

Woke up Xmas day with manflu

Fab  Xmas day with family and Friends.

Too poorly/lazy to do Disewoth boxing day fun run.

It snowed and I went for a run in my new Xmas shorts.

I hope you had a fab Christmas and wish you all the very best for new year

Parental advice, it's a bit sweary. 


  1. The universe balances crap bits with cool (or something), man.
    Have a most excellent New Year,Steve.


  2. Cheers Paul.
    I hope 2015 is a good un for you and yours.


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