Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mist, missed & more Mist

Dark and White Events
Rab Mini Mountain Marathon 29/11/14 Edale 

A very big thank you to Adrian and everyone at Dark and White Events for all the Mini Mountain Marathons and the annual 2 day Rab MMs. The Mini MMs were an introduction to mountain navigation events for Ray (the other half of team ibuprofen) and I. We have thoroughly enjoyed every Dark and White event we have entered, since our very first race back in 2008.

Next year Dark and white pass on the Rab Mini MMs to these good people. I am sure they will do a fine job and carry on the good work.

Highlights and randoms From  Edale

  • Matt coming second and taking 2nd place in the series. Cool!
  •  Missing control 13
  •  Finding it on the way back from21
  • Dropping my map
  • Backtracking and finding the map. That was lucky.
  • Catching up with Mike
  • Crusty bread and Marmite
  • Running down Grindsbrook
  • 2 x face-plants while running down Grindsbrook (thankfully, with soft landings)

Proper good, mountain marathoner, Matt,
Styling it up.

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